Staging with git and drush

It’s good practice to develop your Drupal site locally before you push your changes to a production site. And it’s even better having a testing environment where you integrate your changes with a copy of the production site so you can make sure everything runs fine.

Git is the version control system that supports the development of Drupal Core and its modules. Every Drupal developer, no matter if site builder, themer or core developer, should use it to keep control of the code.

Drush is the beloved and powerful command line tool to manage and configure Drupal directly and quickly.

In this session, I will show you how you can use Git to deploy your code to different staging websites. Using Drush with site aliases will help you to synchronize files and databases between the stages.

This session is a practical follow up to the Staging and Integration with git and drush session we did at DrupalCity 2011 in Berlin:

Drupal Developer Days 2012