Ruling Drupal 8 with #d8rules

Have you ever dreamed of automating your Drupal site? 

Wanted to send out an email automatically when a specific user logged in?
Automatically updated a Block on the Frontpage after the 10'000 User has visited the site?

Let me introduce you: Drupal 8 Rules! Like Drupal 7 Rules, just with superpowers.

#d8rules logo

In this session I will show with real examples how Rules for Drupal 8 is so much better and will change the way we build sites, some of them include:

  • How the new Drupal 8 Core APIs for Entities, Plug-Ins, Conditions, Context and Actions allow for much nicer Rules integration
  • How you easily can write your own Events, Conditions or Actions for Rules
  • Which Contrib Modules already plegged support of Drupal 8 Rules

This session is interesting for you if:

  • You know Rules from Drupal 7 and want to know about Drupal 8 Rules
  • You maybe heard about Rules and want to know which powers it has
  • See some mind blowing examples of how Rules can make your Drupal site better and more efficient

DrupalCampSpain 2016
Nacho Montoya García
Drupal 8