The next generation embedding with Entity embed

Drupal 8 comes with WYSIWYG editor by default. This editor alone allows us to embed images, which is great improvement when compared to Drupal 7. However, what if we want to embed something else? This is where Entity embed comes to the rescue.

Embedding is a very common occurrence in media world. When we were designing Media ecosystem for Drupal 8 we knew that we need to solve this problem. Media isn’t the only field that deals with this issue, so we thought it made sense to solve this in a general sense.

This is how the Entity embed was born. It is a tool that allows us to embed any entity into a WYSIWYG editor. It handles both the UI part of the process and behind the scenes logic. Its pluggable display configuration layer gives us a lot of options when displaying embedded entities. Module is very mature and is already used on many production websites.

In this session we'll cover basic concepts and architecture of the module. We will see how Entity embed integrates with other modules and do a mandatory demo. We will briefly mention what can be accomplished with a few basic PHP skills.

DrupalCampSpain 2016