Multilingual websites with a click - Translation Management Tools

Multilingual projects are very challenging. Join this session to understand the future of handling multilingual Drupal projects with ease.

After a long process of building a new communication strategy, site structure and rebuilding all content, global companies need to golive even with full multilingual coverage. The amount of additional work required for translation is very often underestimated by both involved parties - the Drupal service provider and the client.

In 2011 a new initiative was started for building new tools to manage and automate translation tasks. They cover everything that is translateable in drupal and unify the interface to manage all aspects of going multilingual.

It provides system wide overview of translateable elements for site administrators / site builders / developers and allows to select things to translate efficiently and create a translation job.

The translation jobs can be assigned to local users (local translation interface) without assigning special permissions to translators or they can be submitted to professional services providers with just a few clicks.

Once a translation is completed (either by a local user or an external third party), the incoming translation job can be reviewed and finally published with a single click. Partial elements might be rejected and sent back to the translator to be improved. You'll never ever again E-Mail proprietary documents to-be-translated nor will you ever copy content out of or into your favorite Content Management System.

Customers and project managers thus always can create and assign jobs, manage deadlines/priorities and monitor the progress of translation processes at a breeze.

We'll also cover plans to extend the system such as the GSoC 2012 suggestion to add a server component to the TMGMT system.

Drupal Developer Days 2012