Mastering Drupal cache

Drupal has a built in Cache API, which allows module developers to save output of the expensive parts of code to be re-used in future. This not only makes code faster and more responsive, but will also save a lot of server resources.

The result of proper use of Drupal's caching mechanisms will result in more satisfied users and substantial savings, caused by lower hardware requirements.

Drupal's cache API is really easy to use, so every developer should use it. You do not know how to so it? Come to this session and you will find out!

The following topics will be presented during this session:

  • Caching basics and cache implementation in Drupal 7.
  • How to use cache in my own code?
  • What are cache bins and cache backends?
  • Which cache backend is the best choice for my project?
  • How to implement advanced cache control?
  • How to use Views and Panels cache?
Drupal Developer Days 2012