Introduction to Drupal 8 migrations

Learn how to migrate data from any data source into Drupal 8. This is a development-oriented session: command line and IDE only.
We will build a new migration module from scratch and along the way discuss the general migration process, different migration sources, migration destinations, and data transformations.
We'll start with a minimal migration from CSV and work our way up to migrate from XML and then finally from a web service that returns JSON.
We'll look at single migrations and dependent migrations, and how to import files as D8 media entities.
Though session is aimed at people already somewhat familiar with D8 module development, we'll do very little PHP coding and spend most of our time learning about data migration concepts and configuring YAML files.
People who are already familiar with the D7 migration framework will probably want to skip this session.


Drupal Trainer

DrupalCampSpain 2019