The Gizra Way - Approaching a Closed Source Project with Open Source Tools

Why did Harvard University pick an Open Source platform to power its websites (and how we became involved), why did the White House made a similar decision (and why we couldn't send them an invoice, even though we really wanted to), and how come the capitalist Paypal used a communist Open Source (and why that isn't actually so). Open Source doesn't just refer to a technology, but to a different attitude and mindset. I'll discuss the values that enabled this approach to become a leader in contemporary software development:

* The tools & thinking of Open Source, and why they're worth implementing
* Total transparency as a way to reach accuracy
* Teamwork, and the role of the "benevolent dictator"
* The vulnerable points of a distributed project
* Is Open Source cheaper?
* How to migrate from closed source to open

DrupalCampSpain 2014