Drush Workshop

Drush is a command-line shell and scripting interface for Drupal. It provides a set of commands which act as shortcuts to perform common tasks with Drupal sites. The purpose of this workshop is to go through its installation, explain the most used commands and show how it can be customised and extended.

Who this workshop is for

Drupal developers or themers who understand Drupal administration’s basic concepts. Drush can make building any kind of website quicker and easier, no matter if it is a development environment, beta, a simple blog or a complex system.


Please have a look at the slides that will introduce the topics covered in this session. This is a work in progress presentation so any comments with suggestions or questions are more than welcome.


  • Operative System. Any Unix-based system such as Ubuntu or MAC OS X. Windows users are welcome but notice that some Drush commands are not supported on Windows.
  • Software. PHP 5.2 or higher, MySQL 5.0 or higher, Apache 2.0 or higher, Drupal 7 (recommended) and Git.
  • Experience with the command line's basic commands. Knowledge of Public Key Authentication is a plus.
Drupal Developer Days 2012