DrupalCamp Spain 2022 - Kwiki A case study in knowledge management platforms

Kwiki is a knowledge management platform powered by Drupal, with a progressively decoupled front-end using Angular 7 components. It makes for an interesting case study on how scalable and flexible Drupal is, providing key features in a corporate setting like fast search, approval workflows and intuitive editing and navigation for complex nested content structures. Consisting of 6 different sites sharing the same codebase, Kwiki has evolved far beyond a simple CMS over the past 4 years, introducing custom features like a communication channel as well as integrations with other corporate applications (e.g. ServiceNow, other Drupal applications). From the client’s viewpoint, this is a multi-purpose platform with a stellar reputation among its end-users, serving many different purposes in various departments like customer service, sales, employer benefits and technical maintenance.

Ponentes: Raquel Nunes Fialho and Paulo Maia Carvalho

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