DrupalCamp Spain 2022 - How to continue to take advantage of webform features on decoupled systems

Websites architecture is evolving to be increasingly decoupled.
The main challenge here is to show how we can continue to integrate the awesome features of the Webform module into Drupal decoupled systems.
We may want to use the Webform module as a frontend tier, store the Webform results into another systems, or maybe consume other parties' data to populate our Webform select elements.
How to accomplish these requirements in an efficient way?
In this session, and as we have a couple of projects with these characteristics, we will show how we accomplished these requirements, creating a suite of Webform add-ons that work in a configurable and generic way which allows us to send data or receive data to/from other systems.
In this way it’s now easier than ever to send webform submissions' data to other systems, convert Webform submissions into another content entities, and even to use other parties' data to prefill webform select options.

Ponentes: Débora Gaspar Antunes and Ricardo Tenreiro

DrupalCampSpain 2022
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