Drupal Architecture Workshop

In this workshop, we will have a more practical aproach that will expand the theory from Ramon Vilar session: Arquitectura de desarrollo de proyectos Drupal.

During around 2 hours, we will review all the process of building a Drupal project, learning about good practices while working with Drupal. Working all the time with an example, we will see, among other stuff, the next:

  • Reviewing the Drupal folder structure and how to organize our project.
  • Drush make, what it is and how to use it.
  • Installation profiles, what are they and how to use them.
  • Features and how to export configuration to code (a small introduction).
  • hook_install and hook_update: taking care of the parts that Features can't handle.
  • Deploys and deploy automatization, based in our architecture.

Days before the Camp, I will provide a sample Drupal installation and during the workshop we will convert that site into an installation profile, viewing each of the steps and procedures seen in Ramon's session.

At the end of the workshop we should be able to start new projects following good practices, being ready to easily do automated deploys and forget some of the headaches that Drupal can cause.

This is not a basic session, it's necessary to have some previous knowledge of how Drupal works, Features, Git, Drush and much more. We will see code, contrib modules and other developer tools. This session is for developers and site builders, but anyone who has worked with Drupal before can find it useful.

It will be a improved version of the workshop I already did in Drupal Day Bilbao 2014Here is a video of that workshop and here you can find my previous slides (in spanish).

This session will be in english.

DrupalCampSpain 2015