Drupal Admin Modernization: design processes integration in an Open Source community

Drupal will be soon 20 years old and as an open source community it has gone through several stages. But it is composed mainly by developers and its evolution has been influenced by it. In addition, the project profile has grown along with the large companies in the sector, so the range of solutions has changed over the years.
But how do you innovate in under-represented fields in the community, such as design and usability? And who makes strategic decisions and how can they influence the future of the tool?
We will go through different design and creation processes adapted to the dynamics of an international and distributed open source community, like how the goals have been defined and what difficulties entails managing and maintaining the community's involvement over time.



Cristina comes from the design world and is passionate about front-end development. She works at Ymbra and has been involved in the Drupal community for years, contributing code, design and organizing events. Her contributions to Drupal Core are mainly focused on frontend, design and UX and is co-organizer of the Drupal Admin UI & JS Modernization Initiative.

DrupalCampSpain 2019