Drupal 8 Frontend for Backenders

Drupal 8 will ship with a fancy new template engine (Twig) and a simpler theme layer. I will show you some goodies from Twig and give you a walkthrough on how to get started with it.

I will also talk about the major problems that people were facing in working with Drupal 7 and what the community has done to make it better. This session will show - in both practical examples and on a broader scale - why Drupal 8 will make peace between backenders and frontenders.

Why Should You Attend This?

  • To get a high-level overview of the changes to the theme system in Drupal 8
  • To learn about some of the goodies that are possible now that we’re using Twig as our templating engine
  • To understand how to use theme hook suggestions to cut down on custom code and have themers thank you
  • To gain insights on the phases of the theme system and where you can step in to alter things
DrupalCampSpain 2015
Drupal 8