Drupal 8 Cache API Demystified

The session will be all about demystifying Drupal 8 Cache API and showing some practical examples in 45min. 
(How hard can it be?)

It will consist of a few main parts:
1. A brief introduction and explanation of why this presentation was made.
2. Deep dive into Drupal 8 Cache API, terminology and usage.
This part will touch on most things related to Cacheability Metadata, such as Cache Tags and Contexts, Max-Age and Cache Bubbling.
3. The practical part that will have examples of how all of this can be applied when working on Drupal 8 projects, both BE and FE. There will be PHP and Twig code examples and some from real-world issues encountered on Drupal 8 projects and some usefull tool for debugging cache.

This session should be relatively easy to follow for anyone who has at least basic understanding "what caching is" and "why do we cache stuff" in the context of web development. While this is an Intermediate level session, I will try to be brief, on point and with visual examples to aid the audience following along. Following the practical examples/code with no previous coding experience will be difficult, therefore at least basic PHP OOP understanding is required. Twig parts will have minimal requirements for syntax knowledge, but at least a basic understanding of what Twig does in Drupal 8 will be beneficial.



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DrupalCampSpain 2019