Designing for Success: Content-first Design

Creating a successful website needs more than a great design and a solid implementation. Above all, it is the website’s content that will determine the success or failure of the project.

Many agencies tend to treat content as an afterthought, while many clients think that good content is easy to produce without specialist intervention. In this talk, we will discuss:

  • What is content strategy and who should be responsible for it
  • Why content strategy should be the first step in a project’s lifecycle
  • Who should win when content disagrees with the design decisions
  • How having a solid content in place before the designer is introduced to the project can optimise and simplify the project production pipeline
  • When it is ok to ignore final content until beta release (quick answer: never)
  • How is content related to a great UX?


We will also be looking at some compact case studies, outlining disaster stories when “content-as-an-afterthought” disrupts an otherwise solid project, and we will also look at success stories where a solid content strategy from day one yields outstanding results.

The presentation will conclude with an identification of the different specialist roles necessary to develop an effective content strategy as well as tips on methodology that may prove useful for agencies that want to introduce content strategy in their work process.

About the presenter: Stelios Kourakis deals with information architecture and technical project management in Point Blank, a Drupal web agency based in Thessaloniki, Greece. Coming from a developer background, Stelios leverages client requirements, coordinates specialist roles and suggests optimal technical solutions that aim to deliver exemplary UX.

This session has no Drupal-specific requirements. It is a Business and Strategy session, aimed primarily at team leads, UX architects, account and project managers.

DrupalCampSpain 2016