Decoupling Drupal with React and CouchDB

Slides | Video recording

Last year, Mateu and I shared the goodies of decoupling bits of Drupal's front end. This time we will see how we are fully decocupling using React and CouchDB.

React is a JavaScript library created by Facebook. It's code can run both in the server and the client and is structured in simple and reusable components.

CouchDB is a no-SQL database engine widely used in the NodeJS community. It has a built in REST API and its queries are written in JavaScript.

This will be a technical session where we will see the main challenges that we faced in the project. The main topics will be:

  • How content flows from the back end to the front end.
  • Back end architecture.
  • Front end architecture.
  • How React renders an article.
  • Forms in React and NodeJS.
  • What is an isomorphic request.


DrupalCampSpain 2015