Creating a solid content architecture based on design patterns

Creating a solid content architecture in Drupal is difficult, because there are so many possibilities to model your content.

If you have ever built a website with

too many different content types
too may different fields on some content types
too many different entity types for content (content types, taxonomy terms, custom entities, paragraphs, etc.)
poorly named fields, that are hard to work with
bad editorial experiences based on the problems above
bad developer experiences based on the problems above
then this session is for you.

Luckily webdesign has changed from image driven designs to component based designs with 'Atomic design' being the most well known methodology. Mapping the patterns of such design in a consisten way to Drupal entities results in solid architectures.

In this session we show how we build component based designs at 1xINTERNET using patternlab and map the patterns to Drupal entities. We have strict principles how we model our content in order to create an intuitive and reusable content structure, that results in a consistent developer experience, and allows for an intuitive developer experience. 

This session is targeted ad system architects, designers, frontend developers and Drupal site-builders. The attendees will learn how web design and content architecture is done at 1xINTERNET and will take away methodologies, that they can apply to their own design and development workflows.




DrupalCampSpain 2019