Cloud-driven Development: a better workflow, less worries, and more power

Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solutions have recently sprung up for Drupal, with Pantheon and Acquia Dev Cloud leading the race. The advantages are plentiful: zero set-up costs, instant upscaling, the use of powerful services such as Apache Solr, Varnish, Redis/Memcached, automated Drupal core updates, site profiling tools, etc.

In this session, I’ll make Drupal developers familiar with PaaS, and show the concepts of “Cloud-driven development” to speed up development and deployment processes. I will show how to use your local, development, test and production environments to organize your Drupal development, and push changes back and forth using Git, Features and Drush, eliminating the need to share the database and pushing changes exclusively via code. Finally, Drush will make your deployment a breeze.

With the free developer subscription of Pantheon and a series of Drush commands and scripts, you will be able to start developing and deploying your own Drupal projects in the cloud, and never again worry about your server. After all, you are a Drupal Developer, not a System Administrator!


  • You know Drupal, Git and Drush, and have some experience with Features.
  • This session will be in English
DrupalCampSpain 2012
Project managers
Site Builder